The Grand GELINAZ! Shuffle: 2.0
Stay in Tour 2019

Planes, trains and automobiles have been abandoned this year as the world’s greatest chefs stay at home and cook the Gelinaz! menus. On December 3, the kitchens of 148 chefs will dance to the tune of imaginations from around the world. Creation, consumption and the future are all combined in a day of culinary revolution.

Born out of fizzing, creative mind of Andrea Petrini, chef scout, critic and event organiser (and writer for Cook_inc.) the annual Gelinaz! event has become a frontrunner of the avant-garde kitchen. Petrini has been described as a “man constantly in motion” seeking out new, as yet unrecognised talent in kitchens from New York, to Paris and Cape Town.

The word of this year is DOMOSOPHISM, the art of being at home. Since 2005 Gelinaz! chefs have travelled the world to cook in each other’s restaurants and kitchens. Know as “Matrixes” his time, menus will be emailed across borders to chefs kept in secret about who is cooking what, how and curated by whom. Will a Clare Smyth menu from London be sent to Australia or a René Redzepi recipe from Noma be emailed to Lucca in Italy? For this Gelinaz! Shuffle, menus travel, chefs stay at home.

The “why” is because Gelinaz! seeks “out fresh challenges, trying to figure out how to learn from unexpected, improvisational situations, inspired by the beauty of nature and its elegant chaos, always willing to share knowledge and dynamite culinary languages together,” says Petrini.

In earlier Gelinaz! events chefs were inspired by one particular, specially written recipe which they deconstruct and make into their own, in one location. The chef roll call includes names such as Clare Smyth from London’s Core by Clare Smyth; Virgilio Martinez from Central in Lima, Peru and Vladimir Mukhin from Moscow’s White Rabbit.

This year, the idea is that another chef, perhaps Marsia Haha of Gustu, Bolivia or Selassie Atadika from Ghana’s Midunu randomly selected by lottery at Gelinaz! headquarters will create a menu outline to be emailed around the world and interpreted by another in the group.

Gelinaz! 2019 will takes chefs on a cultural journey around the world, without leaving their kitchens meaning the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle 2.0 will be almost CO2-free, with the environment and climate change very much in mind. Not simply cooking food, we’ll be creating memories through a unique experience of an eight course flight cooked for the first and only time.

You can’t plan for Gelinaz!, it’s exists out of your control. Forget your diaries. Forget planning six months ahead. When the news breaks, act fast as spaces become bookings fast. Provocative, thought provoking this unique event creates global friendships and culinary dialogue. And it’s coming to a restaurant near you!

Tickets on sale from November 5. To book your place in gastronomic history at Gelinaz! 2019 and for a full list of participating chefs and restaurants to discover who’s cooking in your area go to .