Norbert Niederkofler


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When nature complicates life

  • Words by Eleonora Cozzella
  • Photos by Erica Petroni

It is not unusual to find thirty pizzas sitting on the counter in the kitchen of Norbert Niederkofler’s St. Hubertus. This is the staff lunch, and the menu changes daily. What does not change however is the way they eat. Norbert has always stressed the power of a meal in bringing people together. He first became aware of it as a boy around the family table (his parents managed a boarding house and he had four sisters), and he confirms it now as the head of the numerous, young, multi-ethnic family working at St. Hubertus. “We eat together at the same table. It’s a good chance for chatting,” he says. It’s also good for the mood at work. The kitchen can be very busy and the hours are long, so “you need good times outside of the restaurant to handle it when you’re inside”.

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