Words by Olivia Lennox

As we approach our 10 year anniversary, we are reaching out to collaborate with our global Cook_inc. family. And so Cook_inc teamed up with Choco, and together we created a “checklist” of our joint principles to share with our communities of chefs, producers, and gastronomes worldwide. 

Who is Choco:

In 2018 Choco emerged into the culinary scene to address and serve the problem of food waste. Now they are on a mission to digitise the global food supply chain with the purpose of building a more transparent system. In the business of logistics, Choco is an app which connects restaurant kitchens directly with suppliers to streamline their orders and manage their inventory. For the producers, they are given all their orders in one place as well as increasing their market reach by being discoverable on the platform. For the chefs they offer a time saver in the ordering process and a way of tracking how they spend their money. Choco ensures they are informed by how the global food industry works and proposes a revolution for combating food waste that cooperates with the current system, reducing 80% of errors made in the placing and making of orders. This is a collaboration piece as much as they listen to their chefs and producers about what they need from them, always developing and adapting to their users. The app is available everywhere (and in 13+ languages), so restaurants, producers and suppliers can utilise Choco from anywhere in the world. The Choco team believes that using data-oriented technology created with the best intention of solving the global food waste problem is a practical future of sustainability.