Truffles – an edible aroma


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Truffles – An edible aroma

Sniff Sniff, Yum Yum. Like children and their comic book heroes…

  • Words by Guido Barosio
  • Photos by Bob Noto
  • Illustrations by Federico Taddeucci

Truffles have enchanted people since 1600 BC (during the times of the Sumerians and of Giacobbe, the patriarch) for an irresistible and almost infantile matching of smell, pleasure and taste. It’s the ‘aroma you eat’, because truffles have zero baseline organoleptic and proteic properties. Alexandre Dumas called this volatile kitchen Lord the ‘Sancta Santorum of the table’, while Lord Byron kept it on his desk because the aroma of truffles stimulated his creativity.

There are many enduring food legends about truffles, but this precious food has also suffered at the hands of some. We can estimate for example that a plate of fresh pasta…

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