Matt Orlando


Cook_inc. 7


  • Words by Andrea Petrini
  • Photos by Tim Spreadbury

19August,12.32pm.Adispatchfrom Matt Orlando’s email address (it could be the personal or work account, or probably both) with the following message: “Andrea…I don’t know exactly what you had in mind for next Friday, but I must tell you that the time I have available is quite limited. I want to do this article together with you because you were the first person, years ago, to talk about me (do you remember our trip to Mexico?) but I also have to think about the restaurant and my team. I have organised an ap- pointment at the warehouse of one of my seafood suppliers at 6 am. He is very excited about meeting you, there will be loads of fish and cool stuff to rifle through. Afterwards I thought we could go and have a coffee at Sweet Treat…

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