Andrea Salvetti


Cook_inc. 7


  • Words by Eleonora Cozzella
  • Photos by Stefano Baroni, Emilio Tremolada and Lido Vannucchi

Meat that roasts under a mound of earth, wheels and obelisks carved in nougat, houses of lasagne and fortresses of polenta, pheasant cooked in boiling bitumen, intestines stuffed with what life has to offer (edible or not), roasted pigs disguised as trout, bread trees and lamb-shaped moulds in which lamb is cooked. The creativity of Andrea Salvetti, who originally trained as an architect (he left university a few exams before finishing), designer, sculptor, restorer, painter, creator of works that flit between art and craft, between aesthetics and functionality, between nature and culture, is an adventurous expression of food as nourishment for the mind and sustenance for the body.

He is an artist who likes to “make hands think”. It might be in the forging…

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