Cook_inc. 7


  • Words by Ashley Hunka
  • Photos by Luna Ferrari and Press Gelinaz!

THE BAND is in dress rehearsal waiting for their next tour stop. The roadies are prepping the equipment, the groupies are busy applying lipstick and the promoters are printing out posters. In the meantime, THE BAND’s road manager, Andrea Petrini, is making sure that everything is set for the third stop on their reunion tour. First it was Ghent, then Lima, next stop: New York. This is GELINAZ!
“Pop-up event”, “culinary happening”, “avant-garde food event” and “art/chef rock band collective” are just some of the ways GELINAZ! has been described in the media, but the truth is that GELINAZ! is all and none of these things. For each person, it’s something different. It’s a performance of food…

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