Brett Graham


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The Ledbury: Nice Guy Finishes First

  • Words by Lydia Itoi
  • Photos by Jonathan Glynn-Smith

Whoever heard of a nice guy finishing first? The top-ranked restaurant in the UK has no development lab, not even a cookbook or PR agency. Chef-proprietor Brett Graham of The Ledbury in London’s Notting Hill is a nice Aussie lad running what may be the world’s best neighborhood restaurant.

Forget wizardry. Never mind celebrity. For a chef, the most important traits are resilience and a passion for making people happy, one meal at a time. While other chefs talk about their ideology or creative process, for Graham, it is a toss-up where he places more importance, on his customers or on his team. In return, his customers and team stand with him through good and bad times. When a rioting mob…

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