Bertrand Grébaut


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Bertrand Grébaut

  • Words by Andrea Petrini
  • Photos by Benjamin Schmuck

At times it’s impossible to know if Bertrand is smiling or if a cloud of misgiving is passing over his eyes. These are times of reactionary thought, culminating in the piazza behind banners of “NO to Marriage for All”, foreshadowing public penance over an openness towards others. Bertrand found the first sign of alarm one morning when he arrived at work. “I parked the scooter in front of the restaurant. I was half asleep, it was eight in the morning, when I saw what someone had written in the middle of the night on the ground in front of the entrance. There was an outline of a horse and the sentence: Shame on you for eating horses!” Will there come a day when cooks enter in the kitchen have to be escorted by police officers…

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