Christophe Hardiquest


Cook_inc. 16

Beaubon Bon bon

  • Words by Andrea Petrini
  • Photos by Richard Haughton

What is a double-starred forty-years-old doing in a humble but very elegant Stuart Little lookalike house, far from the residential deve- lopment where he reigns unnoticed by most while carrying the reputation of a city on his shoulders? Why is blond forty-years-old Christophe Hardiquest in his light basketball shoes trampling the damp earth of the fields outside Brussels? Where is a man who never leaves his restaurant when it is open and always spends the weekend with his wife Stéphanie going? Christophe Hardiquest is paying a visit to the producer of organic vegetables Thibault Walckiers, who seldom moves from his beloved vegetable gardens, except for attending a few occasional weekly markets.

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