Sat Bains


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The Sheriff of Nottingham

  • Words by Andrea Petrini
  • Photos by John Arandhara – Blackwell

The encyclopaedia is not exactly the discovery of the century, but it might be the best way to answer the question you will all be asking yourselves. Who is Sat Bains? The most heteroclite of English cooks? The most attractive? Well it’s not just his charisma and fame, always promising for a bit of fun, that lead you to drive a good way down the M1 out of London towards the north of England, to Nottingham. Certainly, the more prepared of our readers will catch two birds with one stone by making the most with a stopover in Sherwood forest, where once upon a time Robin Hood and his merry men made their hideout, a few miles from this busy university city. Not by accident they call Sat the Sheriff of Nottingham…

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