Massimo Bottura


Cook_inc. 8


  • Stories gathered by Andrea Petrini
  • Works by Carlo Benvenuto
  • Portraits by Sofie Delauw

He is one of the most celebrated chefs in the world. The other is an accomplice from way back. The first has untidy hair and a laid back way of speaking, feet clad in New Balance sneakers that he collects like Bernard-Herni Lévy collects Yamamoto white shirts. The second is reserved by nature, frugal with words. So are his artworks that are at the apex of their power when viewed from a distance. It’s objectification that this liquid silver cook has always sought as a kind of refuge – in his work, in his life – from the anguish of instantaneous over-excitement. They have known each other and have admired each other for more than twenty years, like a reciprocal reflection. One is Modenese born and bred, the other an adopted Milanese. From the same generation, they are made for each other. Their names are Massimo Bottura and Carlo Benvenuto. We know them as B&B, and they go together like bed and breakfast. When we proposed an interview for Cook_inc, he was the prodigal student of Ducasse and Adrià. (“Good lord it’s about time! What number are you up to with the magazine? The sixth? The seventh? Why haven’t you come yet to the Francescana?). He said yes, but had his conditions: “Carlo Benvenuto has got to be in it too”. Great idea! I’ve had him in my sights for a while, ever since…


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