Davide Scabin


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Anatomy of a mixed deep-fry

  • Words by Guido Barosio
  • Photos by Bob Noto

When I first met Davide Scabin twelve years ago, I dubbed him the “Almese Martian” for his approach to cooking that was both alien and cybernetic. He was working in the mountains of Almese at the time, a short distance from Musiné (where UFOs really do land). He was a kind of alchemist that stood between traditional Piedmontese cooking and the Starship Enterprise of new flavours, or ‘creative’ cooking as it was known at the time.

Today, Davide, twice Michelin-starred and one of the World’s 50 best chefs, has not yet lost his taste for games or for risk taking, teasing, rituals and provocation. They are all ingredients that are ideally combined in a single event, such as this mixed deep-fry. The beginning is classic…