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Cook_inc. International Magazine

While we cannot meet during this global Covid-19 health emergency, here at Cook_inc. we’d love to share with you some specially chosen articles published in previous editions of the magazine here in Italy.

So, we are releasing a series of online editions featuring many of these compelling stories of food, people and places. They reflect our deep-felt passion for seeking out fresh and exciting restaurants and dining experiences and sharing them with our readers through a fusion of wonderful writing and eye-catching photography.

Firstly, we are publishing three magazines with more to follow in the coming weeks. These first dispatches will take you on a gastronomic journey stretching from Italy to Spain, from Berlin to Montréal and onto Taipei.

With this unique library of virtual magazines, we’d love you to take some time out and enjoy these eclectic culinary stories both in the original language and alongside selected translations into English.

We hope to feed your appetite for beautiful food and destinations that may be out of reach at the moment but can still be savoured in your own home as we all look forward to planning dinner reservations and inspiring travel in the future.