Photos & Words by Paulo Barata

These photos are part of a book project for the restaurant Err in Bangkok by chefs Bo & Dylan*. Due to the virus the publication of the book was delayed. It was a stimulating challenge, we didn’t want just another cookbook, we wanted above all to show where the 2 chefs look for inspiration for the concept of this restaurant that just wants to serve simple and comfortable food, on the streets of BK.

The images were mostly collected in several BK markets, night and day. I was also asked to approach the life of the neighborhood where Err is inserted, I look also for several situations with street food vendors, specific products that are used in the restaurant menu, alternative restaurants where the 2 chefs like to eat, places like the old BK where you go by boat. In this portfolio we reveal a little bit of this project.

*Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava e Dylan ‘Lan’ Jones owners and chefs of Bo.Lan restaurant in Bangkok

Night food seller in old town area BK
Night food seller in old town area BK
Client in China Town neighbourhood
Water cockroaches ready to eat with scorpions on the back.
Street food sellers
 Street Food clients
Orange juice seller
Street food seller very appreciated by the college students, nearby Err restaurant
 Flower Market, very intense during the evening.
Flower Market
Flower Market
Khlong Toey Market, the biggest night fresh food market in BK
Khlong Toey Market, rats from the rice fields
Khlong Toey Market, egg sellers
Khlong Toey Market, fresh chickens
Khlong Toey Market, meat area
Khlong Toey Market, freight carriers
Khlong Toey Market, chicken sellers
 Or Tor Kor Market
 Or Tor Kor Market
Different fish pastes
Food seller nearby Err Restaurant
Restaurant nearby Err Restaurant  serving only one dish of fresh noodles
Restaurant nearby Err Restaurant  serving only one dish of fresh noodles
Street food seller close to Flower Market